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A little about me!

So... I was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by countryside in Worcestershire/Gloucestershire so it's no wonder I developed such a love for wildlife and nature. I was absolutely fascinated with all of it, from the fleeting sight of a fox to all the creepies and crawlies i'd discover upturning rocks! Growing up I would be forever doodling little birds and animals on every scrap of spare paper (I drove my poor mother insane) but I never thought I would be lucky enough to spend my adult life drawing them for a living! My tastes and style are still constantly changing as I learn and find new inspirations. It's been a very exciting journey and I love discovering new things and incorporating them into my work! I never really know what I'll create next!! I also want people to appreciate all the beauty around us as we run about with our busy lives! We need the wildlife we share our world with, and sometimes it needs a little care too, so don't be too hasty to squash that bug!! ;)

However, none of it would be possible without the support of you guys! The lovely folk who turn up to see me at shows, comment on my social media posts and buy my work! I am so grateful for every kind word and purchase! I couldn't do it without you so thank you!




Artist Statement.


My ideas develop through inspiration of the world around us. Wildlife art is something that allows me to create work that almost transcends the link between human emotion and wildlife. It’s not incidental that I was drawn back to art after a ten year hiatus to re-examine the emotions in the world around us. The urge was always there, but it wasn’t until 2013 when that urge made me go for it, some might say that there was a draw to draw!

I see almost human like qualities in the natural world. From the unmistakable patience of a searching heron, the ominous presence of a blue-footed booby in a rocky conclave and the triumph of the reversal of the food chain with rabbits over a fox, I love to humanise my work. Constantly referring to my subjects as ‘he’ it allows me to place the emotions we experience into the beauty of the creatures we live amongst. Only when a piece is completed can I take a step back and name it in the scope of the emotion and character that resonates.

My favourite mediums are those of graphite and oils. The oils allow me to create backdrops that place the subject in their own emotional environment, only adding to the drama of their situation. Graphite pieces allow me to capture realism, and the detail required for such a medium only provides me with further opportunity to sculpt emotion in a variety of ways, from adjusting the placement of feathers to detailing the focus and intent of the eyes.

It’s difficult to avoid the beauty of world growing up in the Worcestershire countryside and seeing the drama of the food chain unravel in front of my young eyes I became transfixed with the struggles of the hunter and hunted. We place so much emotion on our domestic pets and they become part of the family, but we often forget that we are part of a wider family, one that brings together the whole of the living world. I aim to show my audience that in addition to our domesticated friends, the world is full of natural characters, ones which experience the same emotions as us; living and moving to find shelter, keep fed and find others that share our search for partnership.

Albert Einstein once said that if we look into nature we will understand everything better and that thought is something that I subscribe to. The natural world is full of examples of inspiration.. moments which could help us understand our meaning on this beautiful planet. If we can take a moment to move outside of our own strife we could see that our worries and concerns are also shared with others, and then perhaps we will not feel so alone.